Harbormaster Update 12/3/19

Marina Progress Update

It is hard to predict with so many interwined projects and inspecting authorities but it appears that next week we will enter the last week of critical path construction.  Another week or more should be anticipated to get final inspections completed and a Certificate of Occupancy permit.  We are hoping to be putting boats on the new shoreline dock around the end of the year or beginning of next.

Fuel – The last steps with the fuel are to hook up the low voltage wires to run the dispenser, purge the lines of any old fuel and calibrate the dispenser to be sure that a gallon is exactly a gallon.     

Pilings – All of the excess pilings have now been removed and all new piles installed.  The 10 remaining piles perpendicular to the shore are planned to be reused for a new attenuator in that location at a later date. 

Fire System – The 4 inch galvanized pipe and flex piping are completely installed.  There is one last hydrostatic test to be performed later this week on the piping system.

Electrical – There are only a couple of items remaining to complete.  A part is shipping in from out of state that will complete the work.  That part has been tracked to be here tomorrow and the work should be completed by weeks end.  We will then call for an inspection from the County Building Codes Department. 

Marina Restaurant – The new name of the restaurant will be the Morgan River Outpost.  They are installing equipment and décor currently.  They plan to open operations in January as soon as they have all of their licensing. 

Marina Store – The Marina Store now has beer and wine!  We are also accepting debit and credit cards now.  We will now be open from 9 – 5 daily.  Looking for holiday gift ideas? The Marina Store and Harbormaster’s office have Dataw Marina logoed clothing and other gifts to help get you ready for the season. 

Financial Status – The 2019 Marina operating budget will finish on plan and as communicated.  The construction project will also be on budget, spending the amount of money on project work that we had intended. 

The couple of unknown projects that arose throughout the year (water damaged sub floor, extensive fire system upgrades) are being funded from reserves as discovery items typically are. 

Dry Stack – LAST CALL!  We still have available berths in the dry stack area.  If you sign an annual contract by the end of December, you will receive a free month of storage.  This promotion ends on December 31st so if you are thinking about it, act now. 

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