Harbormaster Update 1/3/20

The electrical difficulty has been resolved and the electric to the wet slips is fully functional.  There was a factory wiring defect that has been corrected in the field.  The dock will once again be lighted at night and slip holders should have power. 

Work continues on the forklift, repairing the damaged wheel.  It is getting worked on this week at a machine shop and we are hopeful to have it back working soon.   

The travel lift concrete runway work has been slowed due to holiday plant shutdowns and rain.  We cannot achieve the desired compaction with the material being so wet.  When we get a few dry days in a row we will be able to compact it tightly with a vibratory roller.  To compensate for the project running over schedule, we are ordering a concrete product that will set up and harden more quickly to offset the down time during curing.  This will get the travel lift back in operations sooner than the alternative.

We expect to resume fueling operations very soon after final approval from the Department of Health and Environmental Control.  Ethanol free gas and diesel will be available.

We have had a side scan sonar done to examine the marina footprint for underwater hazards.  That has been accomplished.  Next week we will be marking these with buoys tied directly to the hazard.  Avoid the buoys with your vessel until we get them removed by barge and crane in mid January.

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